2015 is looking to be another active wildfire season in Colorado.

Is your mountain property prepared for the fire season? If not contact us, to find out how we can help you to be more prepared.


With drought conditions more present than ever, the risk for fire is at an all-time high.  Creating a defensible space around your home can greatly increase the safety of your property and family.  Fire mitigation isn’t limited to just cutting down dead or over grown trees and plant material.  Proper fire mitigation is a system of defenses that can be used to help reduce the risk wildfire presents to your Colorado property.  Trees/shrubs with fire blight resistance, external holding cisterns, ponds, thinning of dense woods nears structures and maintaining a working greenbelt are all methods used to help reduce the risk of fire. There is even Fire Mitigation tax credits for Colorado home owners that choose to protect their property against wildfires see the link below for more information.

Colorado Fire Mitigation Tax Credit

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